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Univac Vacuum Lift

UNIVAC® Vacuum Lifters are designed for efficient one-person operation in lifts of semi-porous and non-porous material.Unlike magnets or edge grabs, Vacuum units will not mark or scratch material surfaces or edges.  


Additionally, UNIVAC®Vacuum Lifters will lift thin sheets (under 1/4”) one at a time or nonferrous metals.

UNIVAC® Vacuum Lifters adhere to the highest quality standards in the industry. UNIVAC® engineers its standard horizontal units to an industry leading 2 to 1 vacuum safety factor (5 to 1 on the structural components). On UNIVAC® upenders / downenders the vacuum safety factor is 4 to 1 in the horizontal position and 2 to 1 in the vertical position.

While UNIVAC® has standard models, its engineers are always available to custom design a unit to your specific application… including pick and place automated transfer systems.

UNIVAC® Vacuum Lifters adhere to the highest quality standards and all units conform to ASME B30.20 standards.

In addition our quality service commitment to provide you with the quickest solutions has lead Caldwell to develop the first Quickship program in the industry. Look for the Red Logo on selected standard products, and the specific model numbers available under Quickship which are coded in Red.

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