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Lift Tables and Freight Lifts

J.Herbert Corporation. is an authorized dealer and solutions consultant for Autoquip freight lifting equipment. We can help you with all your freight lifting needs.

Scissor Lift Tables

Providing the most stable, dependable, and versatile method of lifting heavy loads, industrial scissor lift tables are one of the most popular and efficient styles of industrial lifts.  With few moving parts, their design is simple which provides for long lasting and dependable lifting solutions.  Every lift table is designed and manufactured to meet the industry safety requirements set forth in ANSI MH29.1, and can be modified or customized to customer specifications.

Dock Lifts

If you’re facing the high construction costs of installing a loading dock at your facility, we can solve your problem with an Autoquip dock lift.  Because truck height and dock height can very, an independent dock lift can provide flexibility for your material handling needs.  Our lifts feature anti-skid deck plates and beveled toe-guards to increase safe handling of each load.

Freight Lifts (VRCs, Vertical Lift)

Vertical reciprocating conveyors, or VRCs are designed to move loads between different vertical levels while taking up a small footprint.  Our line of VRCs provide economical, safe and dependable lifting solutions.  All VRCs meet or exceed the requirements of ASME B20.1 (Safety Requirements for Conveyors and Related Equipment).

High Capacity Lifts

High-capacity material lift conveying systems are commonly used in manufacturing facilities specializing in heavy equipment assembly or transfer. For your heavy duty lifting solutions, our high capacity lifts are engineered to efficiently and safely control massive loads while maintaining minimal platform deflection. Solid steel construction and high-efficiency hydraulic power units provide an outstanding combination of strength and performance.  These machines are ideal for handling heavy steel, paper coils and moving sheet metal stampings or dies, and work positioning tasks.

High Travel Lifts

J. Herbert Lifts offers the industry’s most diverse line of high travel material lifts from the leader in industrial lifting solutions – Autoquip.  Including both Hydraulic and Mechanical Designs, our high travel material lifts travel 72" or more, and are commonly used for multi-level material transfer and storage, personnel work platforms, and lifting for show or display. These vertical lifts are usually fixed permanently to the floor, due to their large stabilization structures, but most high travel scissor lift models can be engineered to be portable.  All high travel lifts are customizable and meet or exceed the requirements of all applicable national safety codes.

Turn Tables Lift

Simple, yet solid design makes equipment turntables a popular and reliable choice for a long-term solution for materials movement in rugged industrial conditions.  Because there are few moving parts, industrial turntables require little maintenance and are easy to operate.  They provide safe and efficient access on all sides by rotating the work to the worker. Turntables also provide a reliable and versatile method for rotating large loads.  Our industrial turntables can be powered or manual, and rotate products up to 360 degrees in one or both directions.   This simplifies load positioning and increases productivity.  All turntables are customizable and meet or exceed the requirements of all applicable national safety codes.

Work Platform Lift

Work platform scissor lifts are large platform lifts and can be designed in capacities up to 60 tons.  These lifts can be hydraulically, pneumatically, or mechanically powered to provide an adjustable working surface for performing maintenance, assembly, painting, order picking, or other functions demanding multiple elevations for ergonomic or productivity reasons.

Thanks to Autoquip’s recent acquisition of American Lifts, J.Herbert Lifts now has immediate access to the industry's most extensive database of custom personnel work platforms.

Each work platform scissors lift is designed and manufactured to meet the industry safety requirements set forth in ANSI MH29.1 and are easily customized to customer specifications.

Tilters & Tilt Tables

J. Herbert Lifts offers a full line of Tilters and Lift Tilt Tables that provide versatile methods for positioning or re-orientating loads. Because of their overall simplicity, maintenance-free bushings, and rugged stability, our lift and tilt tables and tilters provide many years of reliable operation.

Tilters and lift and tilt tables are hydraulically or pneumatically actuated, and tilt products up to 120 degrees. Common applications for industrial tilters include material handling, bin and basket loading and unloading, parts assembly and disassembly, roll handling, palletizing and de-palletizing, work positioning, dumping non-fragile components, and load upending. A tilt and lift table can improve worker ergonomics, productivity, safety, and factory throughput.

Vertical Ram Lifts

When your needs require a massive vertical lifting solution with capacities of more than 200,000 pounds, a Vertical Ram Lift is a unique style of hydraulic lift.  With very few moving parts to maintain, extremely low hydraulic pressures, and the ability to travel extremely high while boasting one of the highest axle load capacities in the industry, Autoquip’s Vertical Ram Lifts are the simplest and most rugged of all lifting solutions with extreme lifting capabilities.

Vertical Ram Platform Lifts are permanent installations, require a pit, and are fully customizable.  Each Vertical Ram Lift meets or exceeds the requirements of all applicable national safety codes.

Bascule Bridges

If your material handling needs requires the temporary span of load traffic-ways, then a Bascule Bridge is an ideal solution.  J. Herbert Lifts is pleased to be a distributor of the Autoquip brand for these unique hydraulically operated drawbridges.

Bascule bridges are a practical solution for spanning items such as a railway spur, alleyway, or dock-to-truck loading platform. The hydraulic bridge leaf/platform can be raised and safely stored in the full vertical position when not in use, eliminating the possibility of interference with rail or other cross-traffic. 

Bascule Bridges are available in single leaf for short spans across single rail spurs, double leaf for longer spans crossing two or more rail tracks and double wide, permitting two-way traffic across leaves.  Each bascule bridge meets or exceeds the requirements of all applicable national safety codes.

Mechanical Lifts

The mechanical lift is less common than the hydraulic lift and provides a unique range of features and benefits. They are readily programmable and automated, maintain their platform height over extended periods of time, and do not leak oil. Mechanical lifts also offer repeatability in elevation to approximately .06" accuracy.  Because of these unique features, common applications for mechanical lifts include automated or PLC controlled systems, clean room environments, food processing, and critically precise assembly. The platform and scissors lifts are limited to travels of 20 feet, and mechanical VRC lifts can travel up to 100 feet.

As a distributor of the Autoquip brand, J. Herbert Lifts has access to several models of mechanical lifts and all of our mechanical lifts can be modified to meet specific requirements and meet or exceed the requirements of all applicable national safety codes.

Air & Pneumatic Lifts

If you’re operating within highly impressionable areas, such as explosion-proof or environmentally sensitive locations, a Pneumatic Lift is a safe and reliable option for your material handling.

Pneumatic lift tables are powered by either heavy-duty air bag actuators or air cylinders connected to your plant's shop air system. These low cost, portable lifting systems can travel up to 48" with loads up to 4,000 lbs and safely improve worker ergonomics and plant efficiency.

Each airlift table is customizable and designed to meet the industry safety requirements set forth in ANSI MH29.1 - Safety Requirements for Industrial Scissors Lifts.

Hydraulic Lifts

J. Herbert Lifts offers a wide variety of Hydraulic Lift designs with literally hundreds of accessory options making these lifts easy to customize to your individual applications. 

Time and time again, Hydraulic Lifts have proven an exceptionally reliable and versatile method of lifting heavy loads. Because of their few moving parts, lubricated actuators, and broad industry acceptance, hydraulic lifts provide years of trouble-free operation for a relatively small capital investment.

Each Hydraulic Lift also meets or exceeds the requirements of all applicable national safety codes.

American Lifts

J. Herbert Lifts is pleased to offer the American Lifts brand from Autoquip.  For more than 75 years, American Lifts has been synonymous with the industry's highest quality, most robust scissor lifts, cargo lifts, and dock lifts.  

Exceptional life, consistent repeatability, rock-solid stability, and the industry's highest number of expected cycles are just some of the benefits of this trusted line of lifts. 

Utilizing captured rollers, two-piece self-aligning cylinders, one-piece axle pins, and high-impact spiral wound bearings, we can design an American Lifts base concept into your custom lift solution for your special applications to minimize downtime in critical manufacturing environments.

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