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Crane Load Testing

J. Herbert Corporation has had numerous years of experience in providing certified static and operational load testing services of overhead cranes, jibs, gantries, monorails and hoists. 


We are capable of testing new, reinstalled, altered, repaired or modified equipment in order to ensure compliance with OSHA and ASME/ANSI safety regulations.

Static Load Testing
This is comprised of a stationary overload load test, which is conducted to verify the structural and mechanical integrity of the lifting equipment.

Operational Load Testing
This consists of performing an overload test at 125% of equipment rated capacity, and testing the following functions where applicable:  hoisting and lowering of load, hoist brake hold, trolley and bridge operations


Prior to performing any load test, a pre-inspection is performed to ensure the equipment is within safety standards. After the testing has been successfully completed, a load test certification document is provided, and a load test label is affixed to the system denoting the date the system passed testing. Those systems which fail testing will be required to be withdrawn from service until any noted deficiencies are corrected. This is necessary in order to prevent failure of the equipment and the possibility of an accident.


Safety is always of primary concern.

Weights available for load testing include portable concrete and steel weights. Waterbags are also available for special applications. Load cell (dynamometer), slings, and shackles are also provided. 


Contact our Service Department for further information regarding load testing of your equipment.

  • Static Load Testing

  • Portable Weights

  • Operational Load Testing

  • Waterbags / Water Weights

  • Certified Concrete and Steel Weights

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