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Air Hoists

Air Hoists are ideal for environments where electricity is not suitable. Self-cooling motors, variable speed lifting, and load spotting ease are some of the benefits these units have over electric models.


Below are some of the more popular air hoist models offered by J. Herbert Corporation, though other brands, types, and capacities are also available.


We also offer spark and corrosion resistant models. Accessories such as filter-lubricator units are also offered.  


Our biggest Air Chain Hoist sellers are Harrington Hoist, Columbus McKinnon, Coffing,  Budgit, and JD Neuhaus. You can be confident that any hoist you buy from these manufacturers will meet or exceed the ANSI and OSHA standards and will provide years of service.

Our Customer Service Department is more than willing to assist in determining the hoist most suitable for your application.

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