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Crane Refurbishment

J. Herbert Corporation offers total crane refurbishment services.


This may include updating equipment, changing span measurements, replacing defective or weather beaten components, and rebuilding or replacing components such as end trucks, end truck wheels, drives, motors, hoists, and electrical controls. 

  • Total Overhaul

  • Repainting

  • Span Modifications

  • Updating

  • Rewiring

  • Repairs

Our crews will take down the crane and transport it to our facilities, where we strip and rework the unit. In cases requiring repainting, we will tool brush or sandblast the crane, depending on the paint that is required, and apply a fresh coat.


New capacity and warning labels are also installed.

After the crane has been cleaned and repainted, it is rewired. The system then undergoes a series of functional tests in our shop, in order to ensure that the bridge, trolley, and hoist functions work properly. 


Once the system passes a total quality check, it is taken out to the field for reinstallation. Load testing can also be provided once installed, if requested by the customer.  

Give J. Herbert Corporation a call today!  


Our Customer Service Department can assist you with any questions regarding your crane refurbishing needs.

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