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J. Herbert Corporation is a proud distributor of Cogan® for use in a wide variety of applications. Mezzanines are freestanding structures with exceptional load capacities designed to minimize obstructions, increasing workflow and clearance opportunities.


Versatile deck options allow for an almost unlimited number of uses. 

Mezzanines are ideal for:

  • Manufacturing facilities.

  • Increasing plant capacity.

  • Storage and warehousing.

  • Order fulfillment operations.

  • Distribution centers.

  • Equipment and process platforms.

  • Retail stores, offices and health clubs.

  • Auto dealerships and repair centers.

Industrial mezzanines are the most cost-effective method to gain significant new production, storage, or office space within an existing facility. Not only are mezzanines less expensive than new building construction, they’re actually more convenient. Your new space is visible just a few steps up from your work area.

Cogan mezzanines are built of structural steel columns and beams, which are a strong, cost-effective alternative to roll-formed steel. Structural components offer superior load bearing characteristics and allow for spans of 40 feet and more.


Get in touch with our Customer Service Department for further information regarding the different models and types of lift tables.

Cogan Mezzanine
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