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What is an overhead crane and how can it streamline your business?

In basic terms, an overhead crane lifts and relocates heavy materials within a space, such as a manufacturing facility, with precision.

For example, here are how some of our customers use overhead cranes:

  • Boat manufacturers use overhead cranes to move the product throughout the assembly process in a controlled manner, from the creation of the hull to the putting the final finishes on the upper deck.

  • Granite and marble companies use overhead cranes to load material onto machines for processing and to load/unload deliveries and move the material throughout the facility.

  • Precast concrete facilities use overhead cranes to strip molds which requires turning or flipping the loads. These facilities also use the cranes to move freshly mixed concrete into molds and move finished products throughout the facility.

  • Municipal pump stations use overhead cranes to lift equipment for maintenance.

  • Foundries use overhead cranes to handle dangerous hot metals.


Many businesses choose to install an overhead crane to improve use of space, improve efficiency and for safety reasons. For example, take the granite companies mentioned above. Often these customers are using a forklift to load/unload their machines which requires a lot of extra space to maneuver the forklift. The overhead crane improves the use of space and allows the workers to move the material safer and more efficiently.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach in choosing an overhead crane. At J. Herbert Corporation we engineer and custom build cranes to the meet the most precise customer specifications and improve your company's performance. We also provide profession field installation services and are a distributor of all the major brands in the industry.


With over 40 years in the business, J. Herbert Corporation brings decades of experience manufacturing overhead cranes for industrial applications.

At J. Herbert Corporation, you'll always find an expert who is happy to assist you. We’re here to help and our goal is to provide knowledgeable customer service. Contact us online or via phone for more information.

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