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Below Hook Handling Devices

J. Herbert Corporation offers a wide range of below the hook handling devices. Types include slings, spreader beams, vacuum lifters, grabs and tongs, coil lifters, and pallet lifters. 


Specialty devices are also available. Below are just some of these devices; our Customer Service Department can provide more information regarding variations depending on your application.

When a load is unable to be safely lifted with standard lifting slings and rigging equipment due to the size, shape, or center of gravity of the load; an engineered below the hook lifting device, sometimes referred to as an under the hook lifting device or BTH lifting device, is often the perfect material handling solution. According to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), a below the hook lifting device is, “a device used for attaching a load to a hoist. The device may contain components such as slings, hooks, and rigging hardware…” Below the hook lifting devices attach to a crane or hoist hook and allow riggers to safely and efficiently attach to pick points on a load. Below the hook lifting devices are mostly mechanical, but can be controlled electronically, pneumatically or hydraulically to operate hooks, tongs, latches or claws.

The most common reasons for using an engineered below the hook lifting device are to increase worker efficiency, to increase worker safety, and to increase load securement. The time savings from increased efficiency not only cover, but often exceed the cost of a below the hook lifting device, adding value to any industrial operation. Below the hook devices also save you money by avoiding accidents and near misses that would have otherwise happened without the device. In addition to preventing harm to your workers, under the hook lifting devices also prevent harm to the load being lifted.

Here at J.Herbert Corporation we believe the best time to install a below the hook lifting device is before an accident happens, not after.

The most common loads that require an engineered lifting device are:

  • Pipes or Bars

  • Coils

  • Drums

  • Sheets and Plates

  • Pallets

  • Concrete Slabs

  • Bundles and Rolls

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