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Davit Crane

Davit cranes are perfect for permanent or portable power. These cranes consist of an angled beam which pivots over a vertical axis.


They can have fixed or adjustable booms, and are available in portable as well as stationary units. Davit cranes incorporate a hand operated or electric winch and cable assembly for load handling.

By fixing independent bases where needed around your work site, you can have multiple work stations with a single portable davit crane.


Available in a range of sizes and capacities, all our davit cranes are fitted with hand winches and are available in stainless steel construction or with galvanized coating for superior corrosion resistance.


They also feature the Quick Disconnect Cable which lets you remove the cable from the crane leaving it hooked to the load.


This is especially useful in handling submerged pumps where disconnecting and reconnecting the cable is difficult or impossible without taking the pump out of service.

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