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J. Herbert Corporation distributes a variety of crane electrification systems and accessories for providing power and control to material handling equipment. 


These systems are basically subdivided into the following: Conductor Bar Systems, Festoon Systems and Cable Reels


Contact our Customer Service Department for assistance with your Electrification needs.

Conductor Bar Systems

These consist of a series of insulated bars made out of galvanized steel, copper, stainless steel, or aluminum, which transmit electricity through sliding collector assemblies that power the motors, trolleys, hoists, etc.  They are typically used on monorails, runways, and bridge crane applications.  Some types are also available with a curved design.  Variations include Figure 8 Bars, Side Contact Bars, Heated Conductors, Cluster Bars, and Heavy Duty (High Amperage) Bars.

Typical components found in a Figure 8 Bar System:


Bars are attached to brackets that are typically either web mounted (for top running cranes), flange mounted (for monorails or under-hung cranes), or laterally mounted.


In order to properly select a bar system, it is necessary to determine the following:

  • Type of System (monorail, runway, bridge).

  • Length of Run.

  • Number of Cranes and Current Requirements.

  • Number of Conductors (calculate an extra for ground).

  • Location of Power Feed.

  • System Voltage.

  • Temperature and Duty Cycle.

  • Environment.


At J. Herbert Corporation, we distribute conductor bar systems and accessories from Conductix/Insul 8, Duct-O-Wire, Magnetek / Electromotive, Howell and Wampfler among others.

Conductix / Insul 8 Bar Systems

Safe-Lec 2
60 - 400 Amps


8 Bar
40 - 500 Amps


Cluster Bar
40 & 120 Amps


Hevi-Bar I
700, 1,000 &
1,500 Amps


Hevi-Bar II
500, 700, 1,000
& 1,500 Amps

Duct-O-Bar Figure 8 Systems - 90, 110, 160, 250, 350 & 500 Amps
Duct-O-Bar Heavy Duty - 500, 1,000 & 1,500 Amps
Festoon Systems
Festoon Systems are categorized as either a C-Track or Tagline (wire) design.  C-Track Festoons are used for providing power to a runway, power and control to a bridge crane, or lower voltage control to a separate pendant station circuit.  The Festoon Cable is typically flat, but round versions are also found.  The benefits of flat cable over round is that flat cable will stack up without twisting, and the trolleys can accommodate multiple layers of cable.  Tagline Festoons are generally used for providing power and control to a hoist system or a smaller crane
C-Track Festoon System
Click on drawings for large view
Tagline Festoon System

At J. Herbert Corporation, our Customer Service Department can supply you with the necessary components for putting together a complete electrification system be it Conductor Bar, Festoon System, or Cable Reel.  We can also provide cost-effective field installation services to ensure proper set-up and function of the system.  Let us better serve your electrification needs.  Give us a call today, or 

Request A Quote.

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