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Air Powered Winches

Pneumatic air winches are typically compact and efficient, requiring significantly less input power, yet increasing production.


Pneumatic, or air-powered winches, offer excellent lifting/pulling strength while eliminating the risk and danger of ever having a motor stop working mid-operation.


Air-powered winches are known in the industry as very low-maintenance pieces of equipment, with lifting capabilities of up to 3 tons.


Additionally, pneumatic winches benefit from surviving and thriving in extreme temperatures and the ability to withstand caustic environments.


In addition to the more standard sizes of air winches, J.Herbert Corporation offers portable pneumatic air winches for those needing a more compact solution.


Our crane specialists will assist you with any questions you may have, ensuring that you feel satisfied in your air winch selection!

Air Powered Winches are capable of providing great lifting and pulling power, without the hazard of a burned out motor.  They are ideal for tensioning applications and are also suitable in situations requiring precise load spotting abilities.  Air powered winches have the advantage of being able to perform in all types of environments involving extreme heat, cold, dust, wet, and explosive surroundings.  They also have an unlimited duty cycle.  Wire rope assemblies sold separately. 


Please consult our Customer Service Department for more information regarding air powered winches.

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