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Tripod Crane

J.Herbert Corporation offers many different products, brands, capacities, spans and options for freestanding jib cranes, wall mounted jib cranes, davit cranes, pneumatic cranes, portable cranes, gantry cranes, bridge cranes, truck mounted cranes, and tripod cranes.


We also have the ability to custom engineer single girder overhead cranes and double girder overhead cranes, including top running cranes and underhung cranes.


Our best selling cranes are 5 ton to 10 ton custom overhead traveling cranes and cranes manufactured by Thern, Harrington Hoists, Gorbel, Spanco and Abell Howe. 


These manufacturers offer high quality, industrial, reliable products you can buy.  If you would like to find a crane or create a custom overhead crane please reach out to one of our experienced crane specialists.

Industrial tripod cranes, lifting cranes and hoists are lightweight, heavy-lifting, adjustable, and well-suited for indoor and outdoor use.

Three telescoping legs made of lightweight aluminum or steel make the tripod crane easy to transport and set up especially on uneven surfaces or in hard-to-get-to places. Optional mud feet are available as a tripod base accessory and, once installed, can be used to prevent the tripod from slipping and sinking into soft earth.

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