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Electric Powered Winches

Electric powered winches are designed with either worm or spur gearing.  Worm gear and shaft sets operate on perpendicular planes.  Gear sets tend to be enclosed within an oil bath. 


They require less torque on input and are ideal for short distances and controlled movement.  Spur gear and shaft sets operate on parallel planes.  Gear sets are usually not enclosed and require lubrication. 


They use more torque on input and are ideal for long distances and quick movement. 


J. Herbert Corporation distributes a variety of worm and spur gear electric powered winches.  Wire rope assemblies sold separately. 


Consult our Customer Service Department to better determine the winch most suited for your application.

J.Herbert Corporation offers many different brands, capacities and types of industrial quality winch and capstan products.  We are a winch specialist with subject matter expertise in key industrial winch categories, including the worm gear winch, power winch, pneumatic winch, mooring winch, cable winch, and hand geared winch.


We also have access to vertical lifting winches and specialty pulling winches, including air tuggers, barge winches and winch hoists. Winches are operated using steel wire rope cable and capstans are operated using special cord rope. Options for powering winches are manual cranking, electric power, gas powered or battery powered.


Winches come with an automatic brake for holding the loads. If you would like to find a specialty winch or create a custom winch please reach out to our experienced sales staff at (800) 773-7041 or request a quote online. We look forward to assisting you.

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