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OSHA Inspections

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides strict standards regarding the inspection of material handling equipment.


Under OSHA Regulation 1910.179, specific directives are given concerning frequent and periodic inspections of overhead and gantry cranes.

The crane inspections that J. Herbert Corporation conducts consist of a hands-on type of preventative maintenance and inspection service. 


This is very important to note, because a visual inspection on its own might overlook mechanical and electrical deficiencies not apparent without actually handling the equipment.

Our crane inspections include, but are not limited to, the inspection of all brakes and any adjustment as required, checking oil levels and filling if needed, greasing the system, inspecting and lubricating load chains and wire ropes, checking electrical controls including contactors, transformers, and brake coils, inspection of the load hooks and latches, checking runway supports and structural connections throughout the crane system, and listing items which may not be in compliance with OSHA standards.

An inspection report including deficiencies and recommendations is given to the customer after the inspection process is completed.  Inspection labels are affixed to the equipment that is deemed to be in service worthy condition.  A follow-up quotation for any repairs required to bring the equipment up to OSHA standards is also prepared and is submitted for the customer's evaluation.

In some cases, with customer approval, minor repairs can take place during the inspection process. Labor is performed by one individual unless a large quantity of cranes are involved. 


In such situations, our Service Department will consult with the customer regarding the number of technicians to be assigned to the job and the projected duration, so as to ensure a cost effective and timely completion of the inspection process.

Our certified technicians are trained on OSHA, ANSI and ASME regulations.

Estimated time on site for inspecting equipment is as follows:

  • Hoist on monorail beam:  1-1½ Hours

  • Bridge Crane:  2-3 hours

  • Jib or Gantry:  2-3 hours

Contact our Service Department today regarding your inspection needs.

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