Subsea Hydraulic Hoists

Subsea Hydraulic Hoists

Our subsea chain hoists are designed for a full range of demanding underwater and marine applications including construction and repair, ship salvage or rig decommissioning. Whether for commercial, military or governmental applications, our hoists can be used everywhere from oil platforms to dam construction and mining exploration sites, saving both significant time and expense.

  • Tech Specs

    Designed for reliable underwater use        

    • 30-meter operational depth!
    • Extremely durable construction including corrosion-resistant chain and housing and fully enclosed gear box
    • Operates in a vertical or horizontal position
    • Waterproof design protects all moving parts and bearings
    • Corrosion-resistant offshore paint protection, classified C5-M (very high corrosivity - marine) per ISO 12944

    Safe operation

    • Hydraulic motor generates no bubbles that interfere with spotting operations, unlike air hoists
    • Manifold includes overload protection and quick-down valves acting as limit switches
    • Durable, Grade 80 zinc-plated load chain with a 5:1 safety factor
    • Accepts up to 50 bar (750 psi) pressure in return line, and provides fluid hammer protection

    Easy to setup, handle and operate

    • Plug and play design ready to work right out of the box
    • Quick disconnects on pendant hoses
    • 100% progressive speed control delivers great spotting capabilities
    • Pendant features large buttons for easy control with diving gloves
    • Orbital hydraulic motor provides high torque and very precise positioning

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