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Signs That You Need Crane Repair for Your Facility

Cranes may provide your facility with the lifting help it needs to handle some fairly difficult loads. However, cranes may wear down with time and need repairs to stay strong. Spotting early warning signs of these issues can help you decide when crane repair is necessary for your facility. Here are a few common symptoms of crane issues that you need to consider to ensure it runs properly.

Alignment Issues

Have you noticed that your crane isn't moving as easily as it has in the past? Maybe it shakes a little while you're moving it along its rail, or it doesn't seem to operate properly when lifting. This problem could be an alignment issue that requires immediate repair.

Your crane skew could be off and this could worsen as your crane ages and trigger long-term complications that could cause a serious failure. Crane repair professionals can help ensure that your machine is working with its allowed tolerances and keep it from failing.

Wire Issues

Your crane's wire rope is typically fairly taut within your system and needs to be kept in great shape to avoid serious concerns. For example, snapped wire rope may become a danger that may cause it to leave your reeving system. This wire may seriously injure or kill people if hit.

Even if the wire doesn't snap, a weaker wire may fray and make it harder to lift loads. This problem may affect your crane by putting more pressure on its lifting arm and causing wear and tear damage that could spread and trigger wider crane failure throughout.

Potential Electrical Issues

Cranes use complex electrical systems that may start experiencing wear and tear concerns as your machine ages. When this happens, your crane may struggle. Frayed electrical wires may cause it to fail completely or make it impossible to start your crane without a fight.

Electrical wear and tear may also cause your controls to fail, which can be a major issue. Imagine hauling a heavy load and your controls failing right at a delicate point. Falling equipment and even serious injuries may become a real risk in this situation and put many people at risk without crane repair.

Mechanical Wear and Tear

Like any regularly used piece of heavy machinery, your crane may experience serious wear and tear problems that could affect its operation. Mechanical problems like run-down engines, poorly lubricated crane pulleys and much more all put a serious strain on your crane that must be managed.

Other mechanical concerns may include your tires wearing down (not an uncommon issue with heavy vehicles) and structural damage to your crane's chassis that could expose its internal elements to the weather. This exposure could cause serious damage and maintenance issues.

Get Help Today

If you think you need crane repair to get your vehicle operational, it is important not to delay. Too many companies try to put off repairs until absolutely necessary, which not only puts their employees at risk but might affect their operation. Just make the call and get professional help right away.

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