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Using Mezzanines in a Warehouse

Mezzanines work well in buildings with high ceilings. Distribution centers, production facilities, and warehouses benefit from the increased usable floor space that mezzanines provide. It means there’s no need to build a permanent structure.

Typically, industrial mezzanines are high-strength steel and easy to assemble within a building. Generally, warehouses use mezzanines for construction storage and equipment platforms. Additionally, rack mezzanines provide a storage rack system as the primary structural support.

They can be free-standing bolt-together structures making them easy to add to the existing layout. Concrete typically offers the most durable floor decking system for industrial applications. Both racking and shelving mezzanines may integrate to improve storage space and provide easier access to inventory.

The thing is, mezzanines must also meet building code requirements. At J. Herbert Corporation, we offer hundreds of years of combined experience. If you need assistance designing and constructing mezzanines in your facility, contact us to find out how we can help.

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