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Tri-Adjustable Gantry Cranes

Tri-Adjustable Gantry Cranes

The tri-adjustable gantry crane – has an adjustable height, span, tread, and caster frame spread. Available in steel, aluminum, and a steel frame aluminum i-beam hybrid, Wallace gantry cranes are ideal for a wide range of applications and environments including:

  • automotive garages;
  • chemical, optical and electronic clean rooms;
  • warehouses, mills and machine shops;
  • shipyards;
  • power plants;
  • research institutions;
  • electric utilities;
  • municipal maintenance (including subways, buses, and building facilities);
  • aerospace; and
  • the military.

These cranes are exceptionally easy to transport using our Kart Kit accessory and come with height-adjustment kits for frequent adjustments or when you don’t have access to an overhead hoist or forklift truck. Get specifics on all our models below.

Product Brochures and Manuals can be found in the J.Herbert Corporation Library
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