Street LX

Street LX

The most popular LX hoist format is suitable for use on single girder overhead cranes, jib cranes and monorails. The LX chain hoist is suspended from a four wheeled trolley which is powered via a flange mounted gearbox by a two speed electric motor with an adjustable brake. The wheels are machined from steel with a single flange and a slight radius on the running surface to ensure good contact when running on either flat or tapered beam flanges. Two wheels are driven to provide perfect traction even on uneven running surfaces.

  • Tech Specs

    • Long life hoist disc brake.
    • True vertical lift (zero hook drift throughout the hook stroke).
    • Dual speed hoist and trolley.
    • 48 volt push button pendant control.
    • Torque limiting slipping clutch.
    • Compact side hook approaches to optimise hook coverage of the working area.
    • Overload protection by torque limiting clutch in the hoist mechanism.
    • CNC machined chain sprocket.
    • Hardened and heat treated gears.
    • DIN standard hook with spring loaded safety catch
    • High tensile zinc coated lifting chain.
    • External removable fan cooled motors with cooling fins.

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